How to Temporarily Fix a Broken Car Window

Most car owners understand that a broken car window can be a huge nuisance as it provides free access to the inside of the car, and anyone can take whatever they want, rain, snow, hail or shine. While it may be more effective to consult with a professional for a long-term repair, there are some ways to quickly fix a broken car window until you can find a repairman to install it correctly.

Clean the Area

The first procedure in addressing the problem is to clear any broken glass and any other hindrances within the affected window frame and nearby surfaces. It is mandatory to wear gloves before beginning the process after all you will not want to end up with hands that are cut. It is important to clean the window frame so that the tape sticks well, and also clean the surface of the frame.

Measure and Cut the Plastic

Cut the plastic sheet into the size that will fit the window opening to ensure that it fits and provides an effective barrier. The plastic should be large enough to cover the whole opening, or you could use one which is slightly bigger so that a little folds at the edges. After that, it is time to measure and cut the plastic sheeting or even the garbage bag if they are large enough for the distances in question.

Position the Plastic

If it can be done, cover the window opening with a plastic sheet from the inside of the car. This will ensure that the plastic can be firmly placed and offers improved security measures.

Secure the Plastic

Cellophane tape should be avoided because it might tear off the paint but other types of adhesive tapes such as masking tape, duct tape or packing tape should be used to fasten the plastic to the window frame. First, begin with the top flap making sure that it is smooth and pull it towards the centre of the folder. Then continue around the broad sides and the base of the cover pulling the plastic tight all the time. There should not be any cavities on the walls that could create openings for air or water to penetrate into the room.

Double Layer for Extra Security

If you want to make the greenhouse more secure or if you want the plants to be further protected from the surroundings, it is possible to create an extra layer of plastic. Again perform the layering process by putting the second layer atop the first one and fix it with the help of tapes.

Reinforce with Tape

After this, secure the edges of the plastic with the added strips of tapes to ensure that it remains intact. This step would ensure that the plastic is well fixed and cannot come off the treasury due to some wind or as a result of the car vibrations.

Test the Seal

Make sure there is a tight bond around the edges, and ensure that the plastic used is well fitted with no scratches or openings. More strips of tape may be needed to reinforce parts of the core that are exceptionally thin or have a lot of little weak areas.

Additional Tips

It is therefore unadvisable to use normal plastic that is found in the house because it is very thin and tends to break easily. Be gentle with your furniture as the temporality of such solutions may be weaker than actual repair, so do not ride with a high speed or over the bumps. If you still have your car with you, you can park it in a garage or a secure well-lit compound to ensure it does not get stolen or get more damaged.

Since your car windshield has been cracked or shattered, there are several things that you need to do and by taping your broken car window, you can prevent the penetration of rain, hail, snow among other things; you will also minimise instances of theft until you contact an auto windshield repair company.

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