how do you pay tolls in a rental car enterprise

Paying tolls in your Enterprise rental car is essential for a hassle-free journey. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you smoothly navigate toll payments, ensuring your road trip is stress-free.

1. Understand Enterprise’s Toll Policy: Start by acquainting yourself with Enterprise’s toll policy. Most rental car companies, Enterprise included, provide electronic toll payment options. Reach out to Enterprise’s customer service or check their official website to grasp the toll payment methods they endorse.

2. Enroll in Toll Pass Programs: Enterprise offers TollPass programs, granting you access to electronic toll lanes without stopping at booths. These programs differ by location, so inquire about specific TollPass options in your travel region. Enroll in the appropriate program to simplify your toll payments.

3. Use Your E-ZPass or Similar Devices: Utilize your E-ZPass or compatible electronic toll collection device in your Enterprise rental car. Ensure compatibility with local toll roads, linking the transponder to your rental car for automatic toll payments.

4. Leverage PlatePass Services: Enterprise provides PlatePass, a convenient service handling toll payments incurred during your rental period. PlatePass identifies your car’s license plate, billing toll charges directly to Enterprise. You’ll be charged, along with an administrative fee, simplifying toll payments on frequent toll roads.

5. Pay Tolls Online: For rental cars without TollPass or similar services, pay tolls online via the respective toll agency’s website. Most agencies offer online portals where you can input your rental car’s license plate and pay tolls using a credit card. Timely payment avoids additional fees.

6. Plan Ahead and Stay Informed: Research your route and identify potential toll roads or bridges. Plan your toll payment method in advance to prevent last-minute challenges. Stay updated on toll rates and payment options by visiting toll agencies’ official websites or contacting Enterprise’s customer service.

By adhering to these steps and staying informed about Enterprise’s toll payment options, you can confidently navigate toll roads, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable rental car experience. Safe travels!

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