how do tolls work with rental cars hertz

Navigating tolls while driving a Hertz rental car is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to understand your options. When you travel on toll roads, you may come across toll booths that charge fees for road and bridge usage. Here’s a breakdown of how tolls work with Hertz rental cars:

1. Toll Pass Program: Hertz offers a convenient Toll Pass Program. With this option, your rental car could come equipped with a transponder that automatically pays tolls as you drive through. Alongside your toll charges, you’ll incur a minor daily fee for this service.

2. Use Your Own Electronic Toll Device: If you have your electronic toll device, such as an E-ZPass, you can utilize it in your Hertz rental car. Ensure it’s compatible with the specific toll roads you plan to use. Simply link it to your rental vehicle, and tolls will be deducted seamlessly as you pass through electronic toll lanes.

3. PlatePass Service: Hertz provides the PlatePass service, which identifies your rental car’s license plate and handles toll payments electronically. The toll charges, coupled with a nominal service fee, will be charged to your credit card. This service simplifies toll payments, particularly if you frequently drive on tolled routes.

4. Pay Tolls Online: If your rental car doesn’t have a toll pass or you lack your electronic device, you can pay tolls online through the respective toll agency’s website. You’ll need to enter your rental car’s license plate and settle the toll using a credit card. Timely online payments help you avoid additional fees and ensure a smooth journey.

Always double-check the specific toll policies and options available for your Hertz rental car. It’s advisable to reach out to Hertz directly or visit their official website for the most current and detailed information regarding toll payments. Wishing you safe and pleasant travels on the road!

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