How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car ?

You don’t have any idea how many vehicles were stolen in a single day. On average daily basis 1 vehicle is reported as stolen on police station in every 30th minutes, by this we can assume that more than 20,000 vehicles per year are stolen.

Everyone does not know about the stolen cars detail. The trucks, Lorries, and many other types of vehicles never recovered on a national vehicles’ history database as a stolen vehicle. If you buy those stolen cars by mistakenly, it can be harmful for you. So avoid buying stolen cars is important for you.

Here, we give 9 essential tips for avoiding a stolen whole car or parts of a stolen car from buying.

9 essential tips for avoiding a stolen car from buying

Do proper paper research

Proper paper research work is very important when you decide to buy any vehicle. So know the model name properly and do the research work very mindfully.

Review checking of the seller

Check the review of the seller appropriately to know about the seller of that second-hand car is how much genuine. You have to buy the car from a trustable seller.

Has the seller known properly about the car?

You don’t have to hesitate to ask the seller about any information of the car. If the seller fumble to answer those, think second time before buy from that seller. You can expect a seller to know and understand the vehicle’s information.

Check proper documents

Ask the seller if he/ she has the registration as owner of the vehicle or not, and if the seller get nervous to answer that, it has the alert for you.

Inspection of the VIN correctly

The VIN or vehicle identification number can help you to know the history of the car, like an accident issue, which may not be declared by the seller. So VIN is a very important digit.

View the engine number appropriately

You have to check the engine number appropriately. It can give you needed information about the car.

Is there any damage to the car?

A prominent inspection of the door locks of the car and the surroundings area important job to do before buy any car. If any damage is there, please avoid buying that car.

Is the number plate replaced?

You have to check the number plates of the car properly. Because if the car has any criminal history, the number plate of that car definitely be changed. So, check the number plate and see if there are any additional screw holes present or not.

Never pay in cash

You have to avoid cash buy, for your own safety. If the owner demands the transaction in cash, you have to avoid that vehicle from buying.


Q: What happens if you buy any stolen car?

Ans: If you realize that you buy any stolen car, just report about that to your nearest police station.

Q: How to avoid stolen car from buying?

Ans: You have to inspect all the documents properly and check the VIN properly.

Q: What is the punishment if you try to sell any stolen car?

Ans: Selling stolen car is totally illegal. So, you must be arrested by police.

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