How Much is Insurance on a Street Bike?


Welcome to our page. Today, we will talk about the insurance of Street bikes. Bike insurance not only helps you recover from financial and physical troubles in the event of an accident, but it also protects you from various mental and legal troubles. 

Let’s discuss this in detail

What kind of damage protection is available in street bike insurance?

In street bike insurance, you get insurance cover against any damages that may happen with the bike.

  • Damage caused by natural disasters For example – floods, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, etc. (storms, floods, landslides, earthquakes etc.)
  • Theft, fire or loss due to anything.

What are the types of bike insurance?

Types of street bike insurance:-

  • Comprehensive Policies – These are general bike insurance plans in which the bike rider and any type of damage caused to the bike/two-wheeler (Wear and tears) are in this insurance. 
  • Liability –Only Policy, – In this type of plan, only and only the damage caused by a third party (collision with another person on the road) is covered.

How to Buy Bike Insurance?

There are two options to buy BIKE insurance –

  • Offline

You can also take a policy by going to the office of the General Insurance Company in an offline way.

  • Another option is online

You can also buy insurance from the insurance company with the help of third-party websites like Bank Bazaar, Policy Bazaar,

Note: Generally, the cost of taking a policy online is less than compared to offline

How Much Is Insurance on a Street Bike?

The cost of third party insurance varies according to the vehicle model and engine capacity. Here we are just giving the Third Party Insurance Price List 2022 for Street Bike or Two Wheeler-

The insurance price of two-wheelers of less than 75cc capacity is ₹482 and Two-wheelers of 75cc to 150cc capacity is ₹752. Two-wheelers of 150cc to 350cc capacity Insurance price is ₹1193 and Two-wheelers with capacity above 350cc are ₹2323.

Note that: The bike insurance price list above is only for third party insurance, which is mandated by law. If you take comprehensive insurance or add other insurance facilities, then the cost of the insurance policy increases.

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