How to Fix Aux Port in Car

The aux port jack is essentially a set of spring terminals connected to wires that are designed to snap into place against the different conductors on the plug as the plug is placed. Know how to fix Aux port in car with simple efforts. The connection will be intermittent if one of these springs loses tension (for any variety of reasons); holding or tilting the wire just so adds enough of an angle to make the connection. Another common issue is that the terminals separate from the circuit board, requiring the correct amount of wiggle to “push” the connection back together.

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Fixing Aux Port Step-By-Step

Simply bend the springs back into place and/or solder them back onto the board is one method. It’s the getting to them that’s difficult. You’ll have to unscrew the bottom cover and then remove the stereo (this often entails multiple fiddly screws). This will reveal the aux port Jack’s internals, allowing you to gently bend the terminal springs “inward” before re-soldering. (Yes, I’m aware of the soldering.) It’s not as difficult as it appears, but if you’ve never done it before, a car stereo isn’t the best place to start. Find a friend who understands how to do it, or take it to your local electronics store for a quick fix)

Regrettably, this is only likely to be a temporary solution. If you’re going to the trouble of disassembling it, you might as well just plug in a new jack. It’s nearly impossible to insert a new mini-jack into an old radio; instead, I’d remove the jack entirely and replace it with a new wire (thin shielded stereo coax), adding strain relief and leaving it long enough to extend well into the dashboard when the radio is re-installed. Now it’s just a matter of selecting a suitable location for the cable and installing a jack.

Show to Mechanic If You Are Not Able to Fix It

If you are not able to fix it by yourself following the above steps, then don’t try to put more efforts. You can directly take it to a mechanic. Unless you can buy one on Amazon and do it yourself, he’ll probably have to sodder a new receptor in there. Another option is to purchase a plug-in transmitter that will transfer audio from a flash card or other device to an FM station. There are many sorts of these gadgets that you may put into the cigarette lighter. If you’re going to solder it yourself, practice first before doing it on the radio.

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