Car Se Chipkali Kaise Nikale | Remove a Lizard from Your Car

Seeing a lizard inside your car can be a little scary and unsettling, but it’s important to stay calm and handle the situation with care. Here are some steps you can follow to safely remove a lizard from your car:

  1. Open all the windows. First of all, open all the windows of your car. This will give the lizard an escape route and make it easier for you to catch it.
  2. Wear gloves. To protect your hands from bites or scratches, wear gloves when handling the lizard.
  3. Use a cardboard box or container. Place a cardboard box or container near the lizard and try to guide it toward the container. You can use a long object, such as a broom, to gently push the lizard toward the container.
  4. Cover the container. Once the lizard is inside the container, cover it with a lid or piece of cloth. This will prevent the lizard from escaping.
  5. Release the lizard. Take the container outside and release the lizard in a safe place, such as a yard or park.

It is important to remember that lizards are harmless and play an important role in the ecosystem. Therefore, it is best to handle them with care and release them back into their natural habitat. By following these simple steps, you can safely remove a lizard from your car without harm to yourself or the lizard.

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